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The Mid North High Rainfall Zone trials were established in 2005 to find solutions for problems farmers in the area faced which had not been fully addressed. The initial trial site was set up at Mintaro, the following year trial zones were expanded towards Tarlee on Tony Clarke’s property. The trials now take place at Patrick and Mary Connell’s property at Navan, which is located between Tarlee and Riverton.

Since 2005 the trials have increased in size and scope to meet the growing demand of the farming community in the area. In 2009 the group established a committee consisting of local farmers and industry representatives, the committee aims to reach out to a broad cross- section of the farming community in high rainfall areas and highlight issues that can be explored in depth at the trial site.

Objectives of the association:

1. Initiate and direct cutting edge research into broadacre farming and grazing practices aiming to improve environmental sustainability, productivity and profitability in higher rainfall environments.

2. Identify, develop and promote best practice farming techniques in high rainfall environments.

3. Encourage the sharing of information and resources by involving the wider community and industry in group activities, including business and students, enabling group outcomes to be communicated throughout the region.

4. Generate strong links with government, natural resource management, academic and commercial sectors.

5. To promote the importance of broadacre agriculture to the region and promote regional agriculture to the wider community.