Trial Crops

Trials sown for the 2015 Season

Some of the Trials expected this season are:

  • A SAGIT funded Long Season Wheat Trial
  • Canopy Management in Wheat

Other Trials will be added as they come to hand.

See Crop Walks and Field Days  page for a map of the 2015 Trial Site.

Trials sown for the 2014 Season

MNHRZ Trial Location 2014┬ámap of where this year’s trials are located.

At the main Trial Site, Pat Connell’s property located 5kms south of Riverton:

  • CSIRO Early Sowing trial,
  • Canola (Time of Sowing x variety) trial,
  • Durum (Crop Competition) trial,
  • Barley agronomy trial,
  • Canopy Management (Time of sowing x Planting Density x Nitrogen application) trial,
  • Growing Biomass trial,
  • Grain & Graze III.

Off the main Trial Site:

  • National Clover trial,
  • SARDI Eyespot in wheat trial,
  • GRDC Stubble management project.

Jeff Braun, Agrilink, took the below photos on the 15th August at the MNHRZ Trial Site